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Mexican National Team

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BeGo and the Mexican National Team

agree on the importance of teamwork collaboration in order to achieve any goal and growth through daily effort.
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Charly Rodríguez and the World Cup

Four years ago, Charly enjoyed the World Cup as a fan and today he has the opportunity of going to Qatar as part of the National Team.
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El Vuce is in charge of the National Team

The National Team carries the hopes and dreams of all Mexicans, but who carries them?
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Héctor Moreno, Mexico's defender

Does being one of the best defenders in the history of the National Team weigh?
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El Vuce and his phrases for the national team players

Vuce knows the importance of motivating the team before each game so they can play their best. As well as keeping them motivated after each game regardless of results.
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Memo Ochoa and his last World Cup

Memo carries with him the illusion of all Mexicans to reach the 5th game.
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El Vuce loads his songs for the selected ones

Music plays a determining role in the mood and performance of the players, which is why El Vuce loads the best songs on the National Team's bus on the way to the stadium.
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Luis Garcia the eternal figure

When we talk about national soccer, Luis García was, is and will always be a reference.
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Piojo Alvarado and his first world cup

Although he is one of the youngest to wear the green jersey, Piojo Alvarado has been carrying the responsibility of being a national team player for some time now..

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